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The Ranui Motel


The best thing about this motel was the customer service, friendly and helpful. The motel is average, the price good. My only complaint, no smoke alarm in my room. You could see where it should have been, but it wasn't there. As a fireman this is not good and maybe illegal.


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Smoke alarms are checked every Friday, unless a guest brings a problem to our attention re smoke detectors/batteries. We have an ongoing problem with guests removing batteries or the complete smoke detector, not sure what they require them for. We are very aware that guests safety is our first priority, hence the weekly check. Thank you very much for your notification, but we would have appreciated notification when you stayued with us and it would have been replaced instantly as we hold at least three (3) spares at all times on the premises. We are also aware we are not fire safety legal without these in place. Regards, Glenis, Manager Ranui Motel

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